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Original Kitty Cat Position Mugs
Limited Quantities!

The photos show each cup with a front and back view.
The stylish white ceramic 17 oz two tone coffee mug have a solid colored interior and handle.

Gearshift Kitty Mug (Felis stickshiftus)

This is the very first position that the scientists at the Institute for Kitty Cat Research spotted and documented. You'll recognize the four variations of the most common of all kitty cat positions, Gearshift Kitty (Felis stickshiftus).

Picky Kitty Mug (Felis finicus)


Yes, you spent all that money on that new healthy natural kitty cat snack. And then your kitty just stares at it! Who can you give this expensive box of TOFUD Healthy Kitty Cat Snacks to now?

 Scratch Kitty Mug (Felis verminis)

You need a cat at your desk to help you sort papers. But few jobs allow you to bring your cat to work. This office mug will remind you of that hardworking kitty cat who shares your home office.